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Covers seven different crafts including paper craft, knitting, beadwork and embroidery

By Lynne Garner
ISBN 9781907906039
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160 Pages
6.5 X 8


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Price $ 12.95 

Creative Crafting tips and advice to show you: •how to save money, time and discover ingenious methods for utilizing non-craft related items •how to craft like a professional and create items that will impress your family and friends •how to increase your enjoyment of your craft and inspire you to learn a new craft •what a 'digitalulist' is plus other amusing facts •quotes which will prove to your non-crafting family and friends you're not the only one! Are you a craftoholic? Do you spend your life crafting? Do you want to improve the finish of your projects? Would you like to be inspired and save money at the same time? Then this is the book for you! Lynne Garner has pooled together the knowledge of the crafting community to bring you the greatest crafting guide around. This book covers seven of the most popular crafts: paper crafts, sewing, wool crafts, cross stitch and embroidery, candle making, jewelry making and glass painting. A must have book for anyone who is creative!