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Mathematics for the imagination

By Alan Graham
ISBN 9781907550003
Tarquin Publications

116 Pages
6.25 X 9.25


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For many of us, in our own school days, mathematics lessons were pretty boring. Today there is enormous potential for technology to enliven learning and nowhere can its power be harnessed more effectively than in the teaching of mathematics. Over the last five years, the authors have collaborated to explore the use of computer applets in teaching. Applets are computer programs that provide students with an interactive learning environment, but which work free of networks and are simple to install, and use. The authors have designed, created and tested a wide range of applets to support children’s mathematical learning, and h ave more in preparation. They have found them to be great fun to use and highly effective in helping learners to understand key topics in mathematics. This book signposts you to a free selection of these applets, along with a wealth of advice and suggestions about how you can use them effectively with learners. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a parent wishing to help your child, use the applets fully and experience the fun of learning mathematics with understanding.