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Standard Grade, Results

By David Cockburn
ISBN 9781906736095
BrightRED Publishing
Color throughout
128 Pages
7.75 X 10.5


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1 An easy to use and comprehensive guide to how to achieve the best possible results in the Standard Grade English exam. 2 Tackles each subject topic in a logical order. 3 Identifies and thoroughly examines the most common exam questions. 4 Identifies both General and Credit questions and answers, and provides model answers with full explanations of how these are reached and why they are the best answers. BrightRED Results books: 5 Are full colour, attractive and engaging, displaying a practical and completely modern design. 6 Contain all the essential subject topics, present them in a logical order and identify the most commonly asked questions in the exam each year. 7 Tackle both General and Credit questions and answers giving full explanations and explaining the difference between the two. 8 Have been developed specifically to appeal to 15- and 16-year old learners; to be sophisticated in approach, while being accessible enough to be a benefit for all students. About the author(s): A graduate in English Literature and Philosophy from Glasgow University, Davidís first teaching post was at Dollar Academy, from whence he was promoted four years later to become, at Inverurie Academy, Aberdeenshire, the Principal Teacher of English, a post he held for some 17 years. In 1982, he was promoted to Assistant Rector at the same school. Contemporaneously, he became an examiner with the then Scottish Examination Board, rising in the early 1980s to the position of Principal Examiner of Higher English until he became, in 1992, an Assistant Director of Education with Grampian Region. His interest in the examining of English remains undiminished and he is currently an examiner for the International Baccalaureate and for the Advanced GCE A-level English Literature.David now lives in Fife with his partner and three dogs, all of whom help him enormously in writing his various books for the benefit of English students throughout Scotland.