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By David Lloyd
ISBN 9781906736217
BrightRED Publishing
Color throughout
126 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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Price $ 29.95 
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1 Contains an indispensable overview of the course, and an introduction to what to expect from the exam. 2 Addresses the most frequently asked questions in a way that is most useful and manageable for the student. 3 Provides best advice on how to tackle the concepts and areas identified in the Principal Assessorís Report as the most problematic for students. 4 Features an easy reference glossary containing clear descriptions of all the most important terms. BrightRED Revision books: 5 Are full colour, attractive and engaging, displaying a clean and completely modern design. 6 Address all the essential arrangement material, which is arranged in easily digestible topics, runs in a logical order and is contained in double page spreads, to make revision manageable. 7 Have been developed specifically to appeal to 16 and 17-year old learners: to be sophisticated in approach, while being accessible enough to be a benefit for all students.