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Ancient wisdom for modern living

By Dr Suzanne G Harper
ISBN 9781907906183
Greatest Guides
Color photos throughout
192 Pages
6.5 X 7.75


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Price $ 14.95 

Feng shui tips and advice to help you: Learn about the symbolism of your existing possessions and how you can use them to best effect Find your personal 'good directions' and tap into good luck even when you sleep Discover the most important and easy change you need to make for results now Take your compass readings in the right place so that your feng shui is effective Discover your own priority areas (whether these are career, health, cash flow, finances or relationships) and save time and money by targeting them first If you want to improve your luck generally, or even in just one specific area, and have already done everything logical, then this is the book for you. Feng shui is based on universal principles and this book shows you how to practically apply them to attract positive circumstances into your life. Written for Westerners, the easy-to-follow recommendations help you make adjustments to your home and office accurately, and with minimal effort for real-life results. .