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Building a Child's Confidence. Ages 4-11.

By Sian Morgan
ISBN 9781857411270
Southgate Publishers

16 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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Bullying: Building a Child’s Confidence focuses on giving parents the confidence and strategies to help build up a child’s confidence following bullying. The one-and-a-half to two hour workshop is aimed at parents / carers of 4-11 year-olds and is supported by photocopiable handouts. The accompanying parent booklet contains helpful advice and information about bullying and the answers to many commonly asked questions about bullying. Ages 4-11 The author, Sian Morgan has worked extensively with children and adults in the NHS, in education and privately, to help them deal with bullying and to rebuild confidence. She has a B.Med.Sci. (Hons) degree, a postgraduate diploma in psychology, a Masters in Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in designing online resources. Sian has contributed to various educational videos and has been an adviser for TV and radio programmes.