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DADDY, LET'S PLAY. Parent Booklet

Activities for Dads and children Ages 3-5

By Daniel Ayeni
ISBN 9781857411188
Southgate Publishers
Full color throughout
24 Pages
5.75 X 8.25


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Price $ 3.25 

Daddy, Let's Play Daddy, Let's Play is a full colour booklet that provides activities for dads to do with young children (about 3-5 years). Of course, they can be used by grandparents, mums and others as well! The activities are simple to do; don't require materials not normally found in a home and don't take too long. There are activities for inside and outside and they will appeal to dads and children alike. Daddy, Let's Play is priced at 1.95 but there are generous discounts on larger orders so that Children's Centres, nurseries and other organisations can afford to buy them in and give them out to dads. The authors of Daddy, Let's Play are experienced managers of Children's Centres in the London Borough of Sutton and rural Wiltshire. FREE WORKSHOP NOTES can be downloaded here.