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If you feel you cannot make up stories, then this is the book for you

By Alison Shakspeare
ISBN 9781857411379
Southgate Publishers
Full color throughout
24 Pages
5.75 X 8.25


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Price $ 3.25 
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Making Up Stories Time spent making up stories with, and for, children is huge fun and extremely beneficial for the imagination, development and relationship of both child and adult. It is an empowering activity for those who don’t find reading aloud very easy. But even excellent readers can lack the confidence to get started. Making Up Stories uses the basic building blocks of storytelling (who, what, where, why, when), enlivened with inspirational suggestions, to awaken the reader's imagination. They'll soon be making up their own stories from scratch. With the help of delightful illustrations, Making Up Stories points out sources of inspiration at people’s fingertips and covers delivering the stories. It also suggests recording them in various ways – including sharing them on a dedicated website. FREE WORKSHOP NOTES can be downloaded here. To book a workshop email: