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ALGEBRA - Mathtraks

Creative tasks, activities & games for ages 11-14

By Lesley Higgin
ISBN 9781907550133
Tarquin Publications
B&w line drawings throughout
36 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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Tarquin has a traditional of providing high quality mathematical worksheets which produce real results. The Mathstraks series is a tried and tested series for Years 7 and 8, developed by an experienced and talented mathematics teacher. Clear, well presented and with excellent teacher’s notes, they will save time and produce results. There are three books in the series, organized by topic: Algebra, Number and Geometry. Sheets in this MathsTracks: Algebra volume include: • Algebra dominoes • Expressions • Algebra chains • Algebra tricks • Function Machines • Dice sequences • Substitution bingo • Ages • Hiring a car and other practical problems Part of the essential series of Tarquin worksheet titles, this book will be a must-buy for teachers or their departments – and also an excellent resource for parents who want to work with children on particular topics of concern to them. See also Mathstraks: Number Mathstraks: Geometry