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A place to learn

By Hilary Harriman
ISBN 9781905434077
Red Robin Books
Full color photos throughout
68 Pages
8.25 X 11


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This book is a wonderful source of inspiration for using the outdoor environment to develop learning across the whole curriculum. It provides: # creative ideas and starting points for outdoor learning # brilliant colour photographs # detailed practical advice on how to initiate, create, develop and use outdoor learning opportunities # excellent resource lists # links with indoor play Hilary Harriman has taught in the Primary sector for 26 years, specialising in education for 3-8 year-olds, and spending 9 years as the headteacher of a rural Primary School. She has been Primary Education Officer, Inspector and Advisor and Lead Officer for Early Education (3-7 year-olds). She is totally comitted to helping children learn through discovery, exploration and investigation. She has created numerous training programs and packages to support this aim, along with programs that encourage the use of the outdoor learning environment. "There is a clear emphasis on early education through play, and where better to play rhan outside, and yes in the rain, mud and all that goes with it." - Hywyn Williams, Chief Officer for Learning and Achievement, Wrexham, UK See inside the book - The Outdoor Classroom