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A BrightRED study guide

By Archie Gibb
ISBN 9781906736712
BrightRED Publishing
Full color, tables, diagrams throughout
112 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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Price $ 29.95 
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This BrightRED study guide is the ultimate companion to advanced higher CHEMISTRY studies. Written by experienced Chemistry teachers, this book is full-color and packed with clear and accessible information., excellent examples, activities and advice. Inside, can be found: ALL ESSENTIAL INFORMATION arranged in easily digestible double-page topic spreads. DETAILED FULL-COLOR diagrams, illustrations and data boxes to make sure all that study sticks! DON'T FORGET POINTERS offering advice on the key facts to remember, and on how to avoid common mistakes. THINGS TO DO AND THINK ABOUT sections encouraging the regular review of key points covered. DIGITAL ZONE ACTIVITIES AND TESTS to supercharge your learning efforts online! AN INDEX of key terms to help when reviewing.