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Seasonal traditions in the British Isles, Europe, North America & Australia

By Margaret Baker
ISBN 9780747801757
Shire Books*
B&w photos & line drawings
120 Pages
4.5 X 7


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Does the ancient Boar's Head Ceremony still take place? And is the Yule Log still get burned? Where do they 'shoot out' the old year and 'waltz in' the New? How do you placate a Swedish Tomten? And what are the qualifications of a first-footer? Why does Santa dress differently in Oxford Stree and Fifth Avenue? This book by Margaret Baker deals with many aspects of the world's most popular festival. Topics covered are: Origins, the Season and its customs, Folklore and superstition, the feast, garlands and greenery, cards, giftbringers, pastimes, carols, crib, Feast of Stephen' New Year, Twelfth Night and Epiphany.