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By Edmund Harriss
ISBN 9781911093244
Tarquin Publications
Mathematical form in color
1 Pages
33 X 24


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For classroom or corridor - link the beauty of mathematics to the real world! The image in this poster is an incredible mathematical object called the Hopf fibration, that fills four dimensional space with circles (gold lines) grouped in tubes, called toruses (think of the surface of a ring donut) parts of which are shown in blue, green and red. You can take any two of the circles and they will be linked together. This structure is one of the most beautiful works of art from topology and turns up in various ways in physics. The Hopf fibration comes from the attempt to see a sphere in four dimensions. In the same way the surface of the earth can be distorted into a flat 2D map, the surface of a four dimensional sphere can be brought into our 3D world. The donuts we see are the equivalent of the lines of latitude on the earth (shown on the left). To find out more, look up Hopf Fibration and Stereographic projection, or just look longer at this wonderful object.