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Fun number activities

By Lesley Higgin
ISBN 9781907550775
Tarquin Publications
B&w arithmetical diagrams throughout
32 Pages
8.25 X 11.75


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The Mathstraks series for junior high school has been widely praised by teachers. Now we are delighted to provide a series for ages 7-11 with an extension for 11-12 to bridge the gap. Author Lesley Higgin describes this book for ages 8-9. Its always a challenge to be able to provide enough opportunity for children to practise number work, without them getting bored with repetitive exercises. I hope that this book will help. I have developed the Mathstraks series to enable pupils to gain a solid understanding of numeracy through fun, challenge and play. There are lots of different activities to enable children to use their number skills in a variety of situations, including puzzles, problem-solving and games. I have enjoyed writing the tasks and, most importantly, they have worked extremely well with my classes. I hope you find the book useful and that the children enjoy it. Fully up to date, these activities will be welcomed by teachers and parents alike. 23 activities provide simple to use tasks as worksheets - ideal practice for children at home or school.