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For ages 3+

By Michael Garton
ISBN 9781782097983
Miles Kelly
Full color throughout
24 Pages
10.25 X 10.25


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My Book of Numbers is a wonderful illustrated picture book, introducing children aged 3+ to numbers. Little ones will love the colorful illustrations. With lots to count on every page, children will grow in confidence as they have fun with the numbers. -Simple questions support learning and encourage interaction. - Learning to count is presented in a fun way. -Thick paper specially for small hands. My Book of Numbers has a page dedicated to each number, so children can concentrate on one digit at a time. # There are fun questions feature on every page to encourage children to test key skills of observation and understanding. # Every page showcases bright, colourful artwork packed with charm and detail, and children can search the illustrations to spot the objects suggested. # The illustrations will stimulate discussion, as well as enthralling children and providing them with activities to do on their own. # With its simple approach, My Book of Numbers will help young children to grow in confidence, whilst having fun!