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Bursting with facts and activities for 7-10!

By John Farndon
ISBN 9781782098225
Miles Kelly
Board book
Full color throughout
32 Pages
8.75 X 11


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Price $ 15.95 

Project Body engages kids to learn with 11 amazing hands-on projects, as well as interesting facts and fantastic illustrations. - Amazing facts written and checked by experts. - More than 10 projects for kids to practise what they have learned. - Flaps to lift and central fold-out pages with loads of fantastic informatio Kids will love this exciting project book, covering important topics such as the incredible heart, the amazing lungs and the brilliant brain! Project Body uses a combination of exciting step-by-step projects and flaps to lift throughout to encourage practical and interactive learning. Super-cool facts are accompanied by amazing artwork and fun cartoons that kids will find appealing. The central fold-out pages detailing the skeleton will amaze and astound children! Written and checked by experts, this is a perfect introduction to human body books for inquisitive kids aged 7-10. Key topics covered in Project Body: # Lungs and breathing # Heart and circulation # Brain and nervous system # Senses # Immune system Activities to make learning fun include: # Create model lungs # Listen to your own heartbeat # Make a 'stomach' and see how enzymes break down food