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Bursting with facts and activities for 7-10

By Simon Adams
ISBN 9781782091721
Miles Kelly
Board book

32 Pages
8.75 X 11


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Project Ancient Egypt engages kids to learn with 11 amazing hands-on projects, as well as interesting facts and fantastic illustrations. - Amazing facts written and checked by experts. - Flaps to lift and central fold-out pages with loads of fantastic information. - Kids will love this exciting project book, covering important topics such as the incredible pyramids, powerful pharaohs and magnificent temples. # Project Ancient Egypt uses a combination of exciting step-by-step projects and flaps to lift throughout to encourage practical and interactive learning. # Super-cool facts are accompanied by amazing artwork and fun cartoons that kids will find appealing. # The central fold-out pages detailing the stages of mummy-making will amaze and astound children! Written and checked by experts, this is a perfect introduction to ancient Egypt books for inquisitive kids aged 7-10. Key topics covered in Project Ancient Egypt: # Almighty rulers # Pyramid power # Life after death # Daily life # A child in Egypt Activities to make learning fun include: # Create your own pharaoh headdress # Make traditional Egyptian sweets # Make yourself a beautiful wesekh collar