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Your guide to the Universe and beyond

By Sue Becklake
ISBN 9781782097372
Miles Kelly
Full color throughout
128 Pages
9 x 11.75


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300 Fantastic Facts Space is an incredible learning experience for kids aged 7-10. There are 300 fun space facts for children and hundreds of amazing space pictures, including real-life space pictures and cartoons. - Numbered facts help children to progress through the book and feel a sense of achievement. - Fun activities help young learners put ideas into practice. - Detailed photos and artwork take readers up close to each subject area. Throughout 300 Fantastic Facts Space, there are activities and quiz questions for kids to test their new knowledge and to challenge them to remember all the amazing facts they have read so far. 300 Fantastic Facts Space is a complete guide to the universe and beyond for children. Some fantastic facts that can be found inside include: # The Sun is often spotty. Sunspots appear on the surface, some wider than Earth. They look dark because they are cooler than the rest of the Sun. # A comet is often called a dirty snowball because it is made of dust and ice mixed together. # Earth-watching satellites look out for pollution. Oil slicks in the sea and dirty air over cities show up clearly in pictures from these satellites. Quiz questions and activities for kids in 300 Fantastic Facts Space: # Which way does a comet tail always point? # Make craters on a baking tray by dropping a marble or stone onto flour and watching its impact. # What year was the final shuttle mission?