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Your guide to the prehistoric world

By Rupert Matthews
ISBN 9781782097389
Miles Kelly
Color throughout
128 Pages
9 x 11.75


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300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs is an incredible book for kids aged 710 who are interested in all things prehistoric, from the mighty T Rex to flying reptiles. - Numbered facts help children to progress through the book and feel a sense of achievement. - Fun activities help young learners put ideas into practice. - Detailed photos and artwork take readers up close to each subject area. 300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs has 300 fun dinosaur facts for kids to discover, alongside hundreds of great pictures and cartoons, and a striking cover to reflect the facts on the inside. # Throughout 300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs there are activities and quiz questions for kids to test their new knowledge and to challenge them to remember all the amazing facts they have read so far. # 300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs is a complete guide to the prehistoric world for children. As well as a helpful homework resource, it is an interesting dinosaur book for kids to read for pleasure. Some fantastic facts that can be found inside include: # Sauropods probably had to eat most of the time, 20 hours of every 24. They had enormous bodies that would need great amounts of food, but only small mouths to gather food. # Recent fossil finds show that some dinosaurs looked after their babies, like some reptiles do today. # Most experts now believe that birds evolved from small, meat-eating dinosaurs. This means not all dinosaurs died out, or went extinct, 65 million years ago. Quiz questions and activities for kids from 300 Fantastic Facts Dinosaurs: # Make a Troodon mask from stiff card, safe scissors, elastic and coloured pencils. # Which body parts of a dinosaur were most likely to become fossils? Remember, fossils form the hardest, toughest bits that last long enough to become buried in the rocks and turned to stone. # Put these dinosaurs and modern animals in order of top running speed, from slow to fast.