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By Fiona Macdonald
ISBN 9781786170545
Miles Kelly
Full color throughout
45 Pages
9 X 11.75


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100 Facts Archaeology is bursting with exactly 100 amazing facts, fascinating historical images and fun activities to help children aged 7+ years learn everything they need to know about unearthing the past. + Exciting photos of real-life archeological digs. + 'True or false' quizzes allow kids to test themselves in a fun, undoubting way. + Cover ancient weapons, food, treasure and human remains. "It k is full of fascinating facts about archaeology, all richly illustrated to bring the topic to life. 100 Facts Archaeology includes key topics about the study and skill of archaeology in straightforward, mind-blowing numbered facts. Each fact is accompanied by detailed illustrations and photographs, which add visual meaning to the history for children aged 7+ years. This is a great introduction to archeology for kids. Topics covered in 100 Facts Archaeology: + The oldest uncovered artefacts in history. + The process of marking out a 'dig' and excavating an area. + Famous burial sites and shocking preservations such as the city of Pompeii. 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: + Writings say a great Greek city called Helike vanished into the sea 2500 years ago after a storm. People thought it was a myth until a coin bearing the city's name was found. + In 1987, archaeologists discovered a tomb in Peru filled with fantastic gold treasures. + The only pharaoh's tomb ever found intact was Tutankhamun's, who lived 3300 years ago. Activities to make learning accessible and interactive: + Counting tree rings all you need is a ruler, notebook and pen. + Quiz question: What is a megalith? + Make a list of the dates of the oldest things in your room, house, street, neighbourhood and city. Use the Internet, books and museums to help you.