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Bring math to life by linking art and geometry

By Robert Fathauer
ISBN 9781938664021
B&w line drawing
111 Pages
8.5 X 11


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Polyhedra allow geometric shapes in the plane to become solids in our three-dimensional world. Tessellations in which individual tiles are lifelike motifs are a fun combination of art and mathematics. Designing and Building Tessellated Polyhedra brings these two fascinating topics together a for hands-on learning experience rich in math content. Nets for 24 different polyhedra, including all of the Platonic and Archimedean solids, are presented both with and without tessellations applied to them. This allows polyhedra to be built with ready-made designs that can be colored if desired, or printed in beautiful color using the included CD. Another option is building undecorated polyhedra that have the names and key properties printed on them. Yet another possibility is to use templates to design new tessellations that can be applied to the polyhedra. The book also contains background on polyhedra and templates for tessellated cones, cylinders, and Mbius strips. For classroom use, ten activities with worksheets, designed to address ten different specific Common Core State Standards for Mathematics are included as well. Ages 12-17