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Welcome to Miles Kelly

Miles Kelly is an independent children's book publisher creating 'CHILDREN'S BOOKS TO INSPIRE AND SHARE' with the aim of reaching as many children as possible, spreading the joy of reading. The in-house team of editors and designers work with reputable international authors and illustrators to create carefully planned and beautifully designed books for kids aged 3-12 years old.

Selected Miles Kelly titles

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  100 facts PIRATES
Sail the high seas as a pirate and join the hunt for treasure
by Andrew Langley

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  100 facts PLANET EARTH
Siscover eberything you need to know about planet Earth
by Peter Riley

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  100 facts PLANT LIFE
Discover the spectacular world of plants and how they survive in almost every environment on Earth.
by Camilla Bedoyere

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Experience the amazing prehistoric world of creatures that lived millions of years ago
by Rupert Matthews

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  100 Facts PYRAMIDS
Projects, quizzes, Fun Facts, Cartoons
by John Malam

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